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Votic is a small language spoken in ingria, it is spoken in the Villages of Krakolye, Luutsa and Liivicylä. It is also spoken in St-Petersburg where many Votians have moved. It might still be spoken in kukkuzi, in 2009 still 3 speakers of kukkuzi Votic were located.

Krakolye population: 110 (decreasing)

Luutsa population: 84 (increasing)

(kukkuzi) : 942

Liivcylä: no information

Vad'd'a lippu
Vad'd'a lippu

Votians documentary

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Votes are a finno ugric people who speak an endangered language. Votes are indeginius to the Leningrad outblast along with the ingrians. Today votian is endangered but it is being revived and with only 10 native speakers could even have up to 70 people who have some knowledge of the language (2010), this number could be higher now. All native speakers live in Russia, altough there are second language speakers in Finland, Estonia and other neighbouring countries, Votic is teached in schools in the Votic villages, thus the high number of non native speakers compared to natives. Out of the 10 native speakers, only about 6 are fully fluent.


Votic only has one alive dialect, but the language still varies in each village, while still being mutualy integible. The kukkuzi dialect is unknown, it was declared extinct in 1970 but speakers were still located in 2006.

Sound of the Votic language

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Picture from a Votian festival
Picture from a Votian festival

Revival of the Votic language

Votic has been teached as a subject in many schools, the most famous example is the Krakoly votian school which teaches the language. Today even many young people have come to speak Votic thanks to the many revival efforts. Votic literature also had its golden age in 2014-2018 when most Votian books came out, before that resources for Votic were very limited. 

Votic has also been teached in St.Petersburg and in Estonia.

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