Basic facts about Votic

Votic is an Uralic language meaning it is related to Estonian or Finnish. Votic only has 6-10 native speakers but there are many people who have learned it to revive votic. 

Blue = traditional area of the Votic language Purple = where it is spoken now
Blue = traditional area of the Votic language Purple = where it is spoken now

Where is Votic spoken?

Votic is today only spoken in three villages natively, but due to many people learning it there are speakers in many neighbouring cities like St.Petersburg, Narva and a few people in Finland. Votic used to be spoken also in Latvia by the Krevinians but it has been long extinct.

How is Votic different from other Finnic languages?

Votic has had some changes that are unique to the language, one such notable change is the sound /k/ changing to /t͡ʃ/, for example, Finnish "kieli", Estonian "keel"  is Tšeeli in Votic. Votic is also richer in its sound inventory than most Finnic languages, it has the letters õ, š, č (also typed c or tš), and ž which are rarer in Finnish, Estonian also has these sounds but they are less common. One thing that seperates Votic is platalization which is marked by ', or by some as ´ on top of a word like ń. The letters F and Z are also very common in Votic, but much rarer in other Finnic languages. Votic is a close relative of Estonian, but has been influenced by the Izhorian, Finnish and Russian languages greatly, thus it has many similarities with both southern Finnic languages (Estonian, Livonian and võro), but also eastern Finnic languages (Ingrian, Karelian, ludic and veps). and Finnish. 

Votian today

Votic has been on a long decline but has survived to the modern day. However today there are many revival efforts and votic is regulary teached in the jõgõperä school along with places in St.Petersburg and Tartu.

Some new achievements for the Votic language:


Votic wikipedia reached 200 articles


Virtual Votic was published


Vad'd'a juttõmizõd was published

Vad'd'a sõnakopittõja was published

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